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All About Blushing Box Co

How it Began...

A wedding is a special moment in everyone's life. It wasn't until recently  that I realized that I wanted to help couples and plan and create unique memories for their dream day and moment. 

Wedding planning can at times be stressful and overwhelming when having to make so many decisions. Blushing Box Co was created with the plan to deliver with pride and passion a service to engaged couples to create uniqueness around their day and remove stress and add excitement. 

All of our products are 100% New Zealand products, supporting local and boutique companies around New Zealand to create truly one of kind Proposal Box that you wont find on the shelf.  

Blushing Box Co came about as I wanted to help others and create happy moments  and special memories on their Wedding day. Driven by love, passion, care and the want to help others, Blushing Box Co helps make your special day even more special and personal. 

Please note no sale of alcohol is available with any purchase. Alcohol pictured on this site is purely for feature benefits. 

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